The main directions of the company

Cиловое оборудование
Power equipment

Professional exercise machines by ukrainian manufacturer as well as leading world trademarks.

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Кардио оборудование
Cardio equipment

Cardio exercisers for commercial purpose, designed for intensive and lasting load.

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Домашние тренажеры
Home exercisers

Modern equipment for effective and comfortable working out at home.

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Essentials for versatile high-intensity functional exercises or crossfit.

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Функциональный тренинг
Functional training

Functional training equipment with the aim of developing strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination.

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Equipment for power extreme and out of ordinary power exercises.

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Accessories for aerobics, yoga, pilates, stretching and overall physical development.

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Подготовка спортсменов
Athlete`s training

Equipment for athletes who are working out for the weightlifting and powerlifting competitions.

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Exercise machines for rehabilitation purposes, as well as for people with special needs.

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Turnkey solutions for your gym

Our specialists are ready to provide high-quality advice on the implementation of your project

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Gym equipment by Inter Atletika

Inter Atletika

At the moment, we are living a difficult and complecated life, struggling with a number of problems that arise - at work, in the family ...
The rhythm of life makes choices and sets priorities. Thus it's nice when professionals solve your problems.

Modern market of sports equipment bursts with a wide range of offers, both in the products assortment and in the price category.

And only some companies can provide a full range of services, taking care of the client not only at the time of choosing and buying sports equipment, but also during the entire operating period.

The Inter Atletika corporate group is one of such companies.

We do our best to keep you satisfied with the cooperation with us.

The Inter Athletika Group - the largest domestic manufacturer of goods for sports, recreation and healthy lifestyle, firmly holding the leading position in the market of Ukraine and CIS countries for the production and sale of sporting goods. The company supplies them to more than twenty countries of the world, and also is the official Ukrainian representative of the world famous brands such as SportsArt (Taiwan), Pulse Fitness (UK), Concept2 (USA), ABCoaster (USA), ELEIKO (Sweden), Pavigym (Spain).

More details

Professional exercise machines by Inter Atletika is a perfect solution for your gym

Considering and understanding the needs of sports fans and those who are willing to be healthy and fit, Inter Atletika corporate group has been developing, creating and improving professional sports equipment for many years. Thus, it can provide a decent level of quality, reliability and functionality.

Professional sports equipment by Inter Aletika refers to the properties and features that determine the ratio of physical activity of the athlete to its effectiveness. The Inter Atletika logo on the product implicates a certain mark of quality that contains all the features of high-end sports equipment.

Quality .The Inter Atletika range includes professional exercises with impressive features, which determine the effectiveness of physical activities. Thus, a work out is performed on a guaranteed high level - each athlete selects more comfortable and individual approach to one or another exercise, aiming each muscle group.

Reliability . This characteristic, which is determined by the quality and durability of the materials and components used in the manufacturing of exercise machines, makes Inter Atletika gym equipment admired by amateurs and professionals in the world of fitness and athletics. People with a serious attitude to their workouts are aware of the importance of exercise machines to be of high quality and serve long operating life, working smoothly without any strange sounds and flicks, thus creating comfort for an athlete.

Effectiveness . Being confident in the excellent performance of each individual exercise machine and its functionality, an athlete or amateur can achieve high performance in the working out..

Functionality . The latest developments and innovations in the sports world make it possible to create the most effective equipment that can radically change the lives of everyone who wants to keep their own body into a healthy and fit physical condition. The height, speed, slope, fan, various types of programs on the exercise machines make the hours spent in the gym even more productive.

Benefit : Buying professional exercisers means to make a profitable investment, which helps to create a profitable business, as well as attracting a lot of people to a healthy lifestyle. If you decided to open a gym or fitness centre, The Inter Atletika will help in the shortest possible time to choose the desired equipment with the possibility of using 3D planning, and will be able to provide favorable conditions for its purchase.

Experience & Benefits

More than 20 countries of the world are already familiar with Inter Atletika products. 5 trading companies and 1 manufacturing enterprise are part of the Inter Athletika Corporate Group.

The range of our products allows you to find the right solution for any situation. Individual approach to each client provides the most suitable solution for the tasks.

Sporttechnika LLC manufacture site occupies 7500 m2, where most of the goods of Inter Atletika is produced.

The range of Inter Atletika professional equipment includes power trainers and cardio equipment, additional equipment for gyms and fitness clubs, fitness equipment and equipment for functional training. In general, here you can find everything - from small weights to multifunctional stations. For its clients, the company provides warranty and post-warranty service for purchased equipment.

Our cooperation with a client

Company Philosophy

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