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Simple training for the fast result!

Sports equipment "two in one" - that is the kind of system hydraulic trainers. Simultaneously, they can work with two antagonistic muscles, and this guarantees rapid muscle build. Whether the athlete is pulling or pushing the movable mechanism, resistance in the liquid cylinder occurs. In this case, training takes only 30 minutes.This is an excellent result because usually, it takes 30 minutes only for a warm up. The strength of the resistance will depend on the speed and effort the athlete is applying to perform the exercise. To create more complex workout conditions, it is easy enough to increase the load and the repetition speed of exercises, thus determine the optimal training mode for yourself.

The obvious advantage of hydraulic exercisers

The GTS system or hydraulic exercise machine is a unique equipment that is significantly different from other known models. This strength complex allows you to conduct training both in the private gym and in the fitness centre. Almost all the presented models do not take up much space and so it is convenient to place them in any room. The equipment has the maximum throughput, which makes it universal.

The hydraulic systems presented in our store operate silently and do not require constant service. They are easily adjustable for any weight and load. The factory has produced several models with a special design, which are suitable for aged people. Also, here is a special series suitable for women. Such products are small in size and specially designed.

Versatility of hydraulic equipment

Our hydraulic exercisers are ideal for medical institutions and health centers. Many rehabilitation clinics already are using our equipment, It is famous for technological characteristics, designs. The hydraulic systems are known all over the world. In turn, improvements in health and physical conditions of thousands of people work better than any commercial.

Training on hydraulic equipment - this is the secret of well-being and good mood. The InterAtletika will help you to choose the right exerciser so that you enjoy the life to the fullest.

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