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Plate load machines

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Plate load machines - essential for any gym

The professional weight-lifting equipment in fitness clubs is very important. This sports equipment allow you to lift the scale with a cargo stack of 85 kg and gradually increase the load by 5 kg. Thus, each athlete will be able to choose the optimal weight with a simple bar, depending on his professional experience. Usually, you can't miss this type of equipment, since it is located in a central part of a gym. Moreover, these are basic models that should be present in every gym, because no professional athlete can do without it in his training. The most advantageous option is a multi-station with a block frame, which is usually very popular with gym visitors. If you choose this model, then you can get an excellent model for your business.

Depending on the field of application

All the strength equipment can be divided according to its usage. Thus, you can choose the equipment you truly need for your gym. Thus, here are the main categories of such exercises:

- For muscles of legs;

- For the development of the shoulder girdle;

- For training the muscles of the arms;

- Universal equipment.

You can choose exactly the option that best suits your wishes

Any sports equipment you found on our website is suitable for the gym as well as home use. Choose our products, if you want to get only professional sports goods. We took into account all the wishes of the athletes, who tried our equipment on their own. Moreover, we offer various models, so you can choose the model for yourself according to dimensions of the room, the acceptable shape of the handle, as well as the reduction and increase of the cargo stack for the targeting of a large number of muscles. On the InterAtletika website, you will find detailed information about each model to choose the best one for you.

You can order stylish and modern products for the gym with any colour of upholstery and metal you like. And this does not affect the cost of the exerciser. Moreover, our managers will help you to choose the best option for you. The catalogue represents the entire model range with popular colour solutions, among which you will find the ideal for your room or home.

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