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Spinning bikes

A spin bike is a cardio machine that simulates riding a bicycle track. This kind of workout differs in an intensity of loading, which allows to include in the workout almost all major groups of muscles. Also, such activities train the heart and respiratory system.

Spin bikes are actively gaining the market, and therefore the purchase of such equipment has become a must-have for fitness clubs of a good level.

The range of spin bikes from Inter Atletika will be a profitable purchase, to buy a professional exercise machine of good quality and with excellent performance. The range includes a variety of modern developments of leading companies that have won the world market.

An American cyclist, Johnny Goldberg, had a great idea at the time: to combine a bike and a trainer to enable people to use the device for a proper and useful exercise.
As a result, the Spinning bike was created as a fitness direction.

A spinning bike is a very effective cardio equipment. The coach sets the pace and the whole group twists treadles travelling along mountain slopes or high-speed highways, overcoming various obstacles. The effect of presence is achieved with a picture on the monitor that shows your movements, forest paths and roads.

With such intense stress, all muscles of the body, especially the leg muscles, strain. Spin bike unloads joints and helps to lose weight. And, of course, active in the process involves the muscles of the hips, which is important for women who want to get rid of cellulite.

Spin bike aerobics exercises are carried out in several ways. You can simply twist the pedals without any extra strain.Or you can use an advanced mode, sitting or standing on a stationary exercise bike. The coach sets different levels of resistance, and you twist the pedals at a certain speed. The maximum load is achieved by working out standing on the equipment with spaced-apart hands.

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