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Parallel and pull-up bars. Which ones are the best?

To use the uneven parallel bars in your backyard - is a horse and buggy era! Real athletes know that the best workout is held in a comfortable gym or at home. And in this case, you can not do without a reliable pull up bar that will withstand all the loads.

Advantages of parallel bars exercises at home

Regular training - that's the secret of a fit body! And if you are hesitating to go to a gym because embarrassed by your extra weight, there is a solution of working out at home. Comfortable conditions of your house is a bonus. Thus, creating a sports corner in your apartment is a perfect idea.
All well-known sportsmen started this way: mastering the technique of training at home. And after they turned into professional athletes, such sports corner helped them to keep in shape if they did not have time to practice in the gym.

Buying a horizontal bar: what should I look for?

Purchasing a pull-up or parallel bars you should carefully study all the offers that are introduced in our store. After all, the model must meet your requirements, and in order to properly formulate them, we will tell you the main characteristics of the product:

  • Safety and comfort - look at the additional elements in the design. They help in the process of exercising. They must necessarily be made of safe materials.
  • Small size and efficiency - Does the equipment allows to perform different exercises for the main muscle group and at the same time, how much space does it occupy?
  • Strength and reliability - the bars should be made of high-strength metal, the quality of which depends on the service life and the quality of the fasteners.

There are various models in our store that allow you to perform not only pull-ups but also curls and push-ups. We will help you choose a quality model that will meet your individual needs and preferences.

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