NUO Flexbell dumbbells - Simple is getting even more simple


Our online store offers you NUO Flexbell dumbbells set. The product is perfect not only for professional athletes, but for amateurs as well.

A new generation of dumbbells

It is difficult to imagine any innovative solutions in manufacturing of dumbbells. Well, it seems there is nothing special about them - a simple metal rod and 2 weights at the ends. But the Nuo proved that anything can be improved.

The distinctive feature of NUO Flexbell dumbbells is that they are the world's smartest dumbbells. It is possible to adjust weight with the help of handles.The set of this manufacturer allows you to adjust the weight by simply turning the handle. Let's look closer at the elements of the equipment in order to understand the principle of work:

  • The station for the barbell storage
  • The dumbbell itself
  • Weight plates

It seems that there is nothing special. But you will be surprised to find out that the handle is equipped with a mechanism that disconnects or attaches the weight plates to the handle when turning.There is also a built-in sensor, which instantly shows the weight on the dumbbells. The manufacturer himself claims that there is nothing easier, more accessible, and more practical. Even the slogan of the advertising campaign tells as much about it as "Twist, Peel, Feel." All in one second».

Nuo Flexbell dumbbells - A Simple Home Solution

Usually when athletes, especially beginners, think of training with free weights the idea of a constant change of weight plates comes up in their mind. But the Nuo changes our picture of it drastically. Just think of what training can be if you do not need to spend precious seconds to change weights? One turn of the handle and you have desired weight on the barbell. You can do it in a blink of an eye! The workout in the gym becomes more productive with the Nou Flexbell dumbbells.

Do you enjoy working out at home? Be sure, you will not find better equipment for this purpose this one.

Why Nuo Flexbell barbells are a perfect solution for working out at home?

  • It is practical. You can train with different weights.
  • Its compact. Forget about weight racks and different weight barbells forever.The equipment can fit it the corner of the room.
  • High-quality materials which contribute to wear resistance and long-lasting use.

If you want to get the maximum benefit of the sport, you will have to focus as much as possible on the exercise. Many coaches say that it is better not to do an exercise at all, than to do it wrong and heedlessly.

Leading world manufacturers make sports equipment more practical and comfortable to use, and we make it more affordable for you.

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