Professional gym equipment


Professional trainers are crucial helpers not only for professional athletes but also common people who are taking care of their health and body. Professional exercisers are designed to work on specific muscle groups.

Professional exercise machines are distinguished by their manufacturing quality, reliability and long service life. Professional exercisers are divided into cardiovascular and power equipment. The equipment is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system, maintaining the physical shape without muscle building. The power equipment is aimed at building muscle mass.

Our company offers professional trainers of different sizes, design and functionality. You can purchase professional exercise machines of our production as well as of world famous brands: SportsArt (Taiwan), Pulse Fitness (UK), Concept 2 (USA) and AB Coaster (USA).

Purchasing professional exercisers in our company, you not only become the owner of high-quality sports equipment but also you get the benefit of professional advice from our employees.

We sell sports equipment with very flexible schemes and have an individual approach to each client.

Professional cardiovascular equipment

Professional cardiovascular equipment has become an essential exerciser for most gyms. They are used to strengthen and improve the cardiovascular and respiratory system of a person, maintain a muscular system toned, develop endurance of the body.

Professional cardiovascular equipment includes such items as exercise bikes, treadmills, steppers, elliptical trainers, speedbikes. A new generation in the group of "professional cardio" is a rowing machine.

In order to make the most effective exercises on professional cardio equipment, they are equipped with special sensors - pulse meters. Professional cardiovascular equipment can independently regulate and calculate the load to achieve optimal results. In manufacturing the exercise machines, ergonomic design and high-quality components are used.

Professional cardio machines are designed for commercial use up to 24 hours a day, thus they are durable and stable.

Professional Treadmills

Professional treadmills are professional exercisers equipped with a huge number of special programs for a wide variety of users: weight loss programs, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, interval, custom, etc.
Professional treadmills are an integral part of every gym.

Thanks to the built-in computer, professional treadmills allow you to choose a certain rhythm, tilt angle and speed of the running, taking into account individual needs and training purposes. Professional treadmills are resistant to constant loads and can operate 24 hours a day.

Professional exercise bikes

Professional exercise bikes are an ideal tool for maintaining the physical health and beauty of the human body. The movements an athlete performs on a professional exercise bike exactly corresponds to a real bicycle ride.

Professional exercise bikes help to strengthen the muscles of the legs, lose weight, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve the functioning of the respiratory system.

To monitor the health of the athletes, professional exercise bikes are equipped with a computer that allows you to measure and monitor indicators such as pulse, calorie consumption, pedal speed and so on. Professional exercise bikes allow you to select the training program as accurately as possible.

Professional elliptical trainers

A professional elliptical trainer - is a combination of an exercise bike, a treadmill and a stepper, which allows you to use all muscle groups.
Working out on the elliptical exerciser combines the developing of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, as well as elements of strength training for the main muscle groups. A professional elliptical trainer is very effective at burning excess fat and helping you lose extra weight. It makes your body slim and beautiful.

Professional elliptical trainers make your workouts extremely effective. The undeniable advantage of a professional elliptical trainer is a reduction in the load on the ankle and knee joints, which in turn reduces the risk of injury.
Huge funds were invested and a qualified medical research was conducted for the development of professional exercisers. Professional elliptical trainers, combining the highest quality, advanced technology, appealing design, will no doubt would be advantageous for the gym and would attract new visitors.

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