Gym equipment


The gym equipment varies according to the type, technical characteristics and parameters, but their general priority is to strengthen and tighten the weak muscles, as well as to provide an additional insular load on body parts that require correcting. Gym exercisers are weight lifting machines which involve different groups of muscles. There is a wide range of gym equipment of the most diverse designs: from benches, weight lifting machines to multifunctional exercisers.

There are InterAtletika exercise machines of both types: plate load machines and free weight machines. Professional gym equipment has high strength and wearing resistance, thus can be used for many years in a round-the-clock mode.


Running is one of the most powerful ways for acquiring a slim body and a healthy heart. Treadmills can completely imitate the running of a person on a smooth surface or cross-country, but also eliminate all its negative sides. The load on the joints of the legs during running strongly depends on the type of surface. For this reason, the treadmills are equipped with systems of shock absorbing and softening. Qualitative racing paths for the room combined with good sports shoes completely eliminate overload of joints. Treadmills are ideal for beginner athletes. They allow novice athletes to train at a slow pace, keeping it throughout the entire workout.

Treadmills can be used by people of different weight. Certain models withstand people with a weight of up to 230 kg.

Treadmills have a large number of embedded programs, which allow a person to choose the optimal rhythm of a run, taking into account the individual preferences and the purpose of the workout.

Elliptical trainers

Elliptical trainers are exercise machines with functions of a bike, a stepper and a treadmill. Elliptical trainers have emerged not so long ago, but their popularity is steadily growing, thanks to the efficiency of the exercises on the equipment. Elliptical trainers allow you to develop all groups of muscles, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Especially, they are recommended for people with a spinal disease.

Pulse and Sports Art Manufacturers equipped their elliptical trainers with DC generators and do not require connection to electricity mains. This is a very important advantage since it gives the opportunity to install elliptical trainers in the fitness centre, regardless of the location of the power supplies.

Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are trainers that simulate muscle loads when riding a bicycle. Exercise bikes is a great solution for people who want to strengthen the muscles of the back and legs, as well as tone the cardiovascular system. Exercise bikes are very effective for getting rid of excess weight, and thanks to the built-in computer, exercise bikes show the amount of burned calories and the distance.

Recumbent exercise bikes allow you to reduce the load on the spine during working out. The athlete is in the half-lying position, thus excluding the fatigue of the spinal column, caused by long sitting position on the bike.

Pulse and Sports Art offer exercise bikes which have an option of a generic type power system, which makes it possible not to depend on the location of the equipment in the room and the location of the sockets.

Cardiovascular machines

Cardiovascular machines are a kind of exercisers, which focus on strengthening the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Cardiovascular machines include treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, steppers etc. Cardio equipment has a built-in computer controlling the human pulse rate, the number of consumed calories, and also include special training modes.


The InterAtletika offers cardio equipment from such manufacturers as Pulse Fitness (UK) and Sports Art (Taiwan). All the cardio equipment we offer has a warranty of 2 years.

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