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The modern world offers a huge variety of different training machines for a number of effective exercises. Athletes are giving more and more preference to the free weights machines these days.

Тренажер Verti
Iconic athletes have tried the new VERTI series so far

Тренажер Verti
Free weight exercisers allow targeting the particular muscle group

A key feature of the following equipment is it’s wide range of workout options. Moreover, it is silent. Cleverly designed biomechanics of the exercise machines targets particular muscle group, thus increasing effectiveness of the workout.

The InterAtletika Group of companies keeps up with the times and takes into account all the modern trends in new series. Thuswise, an objective was set to manufacture a product which contains 3 essential aspects:

  • excellent look (aesthetics);
  • functionality (optimal biomechanics);
  • relatively simple technical solutions.

Considering all the requirements mentioned above, professionals of the company designed new Verti series of free weights machines. The equipment exhibits confidence with its reliability and quality. These properties are achieved with metal section and duty welded structure of levers it's made of.

All the items are equipped with anatomic seats which support the physiologically correct position of an athlete’s body. What is more, such type of equipment guarantees the proper performance of all the exercises from the biomechanics point of view, thus a risk of possible injuries is lower. The characteristic feature of the series is duty seat and backrest. This way not only the look of the sports equipment is improved but also comfort during the workout is increased.

The Verti free weight exercise machines series first was presented to the public on FIBO 2017 international trade fair in Cologne, Germany. The equipment at the first onset was highly appreciated by the experts in the area and got positive reviews. All the demo products were sold out before the end of the exhibition, which says of its howling success.

Тренажер Verti_1
All models of the VERTI series are equipped with an anatomic seat

Тренажер Verti
All exercise machines of the VERTI series have an outstanding unique design

Moreover, the equipment was also appreciated in value by visitors of the trade fair, who remarked the distinctive design. This way, the series can be considered as high-end equipment. The following exercise machines will fit in a gym of any style, since designers created a diverse color scheme of frame structures and upholstery. As a result, the products can be customized to any interior design and preferences of the client.

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