Turnkey solutions for your gym

The Inter Athletika is not only a leader in the field of production of sports equipment. The company also possesses a vast experience in the field of equipment for sports facilities.

Turnkey solutions for a gym is a thought-out set of exercise machines, which meet the requirements of the floor space of the room, target audience, specificity, capacity. The experts of the company, who thoroughly studied all the details of equipping sports and recreational facilities of different scale and direction, will provide you with a list of equipment recommended in your case.

The company has already implemented numerous projects, including different sizes of the gym - the task of - 100, 200, 300 and more than 500 square meters.

The are such main zones of the gym: the actual gym zone, a functional training zone, a group training room. In turn, the gym is divided into a zone of strength training (a zone of free weights, a zone of cargo training exercise machine) and a cardio training zone. The proper division of the gym area is essential for the comfort of your customers, and, consequently, the popularity of your fitness club.

In the gym, each of the exercise machines should be located logically, in the most convenient place for its use. From the very entrance to the gym the client should not forget the goal that led him here - active and effective training.But what makes it possible is the rational location of the exercise machines.corresponding the logic of working out. This is possible only when the location of the equipment corresponds to the logic of the training. So the client will not be distracted in search of the necessary exerciser, will not have to overcome long distance, moving from one type of exerciser to another.

It is also important to take into account the capability of the premises in order to use the entire available area with the maximum benefit. Knowing the characteristics of each type of equipment and recommendations for its use, the experts of the company will offer you the most competent location option for each sports equipment, which will effectively use all available space in the room.

The client will hardly  want to come back to the gym where these rules are not followed. If you want your fitness club to have a good reputation, you should involve professionals, in particular the team of experts of the Inter Atletika, in solving key tasks.

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