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Step platform Reebok Easytone RAP-40185NBL

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Product code: 033095
Vendor code: RAP-40185NBL
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Number of levels of height1
Weight of the exercise machine, kg7.5
Length, mm650
Width, mm410
Height, mm165
Step platform for balancing Easytone from the company Reebok is a multifunctional accessory, whose action is aimed at strengthening and elaborating muscles, increasing muscle tone, developing coordination and a sense of balance.

Thanks to the air chambers, which are located at the bottom of the platform, the step is unstable, performing exercises on this platform, the user needs to concentrate as much as possible in order to maintain equilibrium. Due to this, deeper muscles are included in the work, the basic muscle groups of the body are being studied. The effectiveness of classes on an unstable step-platform is several times greater than that which can be obtained under normal training conditions.

Air cushions are two, between them the outflow of air is maintained, and therefore it is always necessary to calculate the forces in order to keep the step in a balanced position. Air in the pillows is fed with a pump, adjusting the pressure in the pillows, you can increase or decrease the load.

The top cover of the step is embossed, which improves the grip between the shoes and the projectile.

The platform is executed in a modern sports style, has a thoughtful, competent design. The quality is high, only the best materials and technologies were used during production.

If you want to increase the complexity of your workouts, want to diversify them, intend to improve your posture, focus more on muscle stabilizers, then the acquisition of the Easytone balancing platform will be the right decision.
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Step platform Reebok Easytone RAP-40185NBL
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