Crossfit Container

CrossFit Container

Crossfit is the direction of fitness that is actively developing in our country these days. This is not just a temporary mainstream, but a genuine interest in sports and quality health ideals.

The emerging of professional sports equipment for cross-training production stimulated the popularity of this direction. Ukrainian equipment is actively used during the preparation and performance on international competitions in CrossFit.

One of the main advantages of the Ukrainian manufacturer is its affordable price, which is smaller than imported analogues but with the same high quality. InterAtletika is one of the biggest and well-known manufacturers, which specializes in selling sports goods. There is a special CrossFit container among them. It is guaranteed to be a quality and reliable exerciser, since the manufacturer sells its products in more than 40 countries. In addition, the company is also the official representative in Ukraine of well-known world brands such as Concept2 (USA), SportsArt (Taiwan), Pavigym (Spain), ELEIKO (Sweden), Pulse Fitness (UK), ABCoaster (USA).

The outstanding CrossFit series

There is a modern Explode series of exercisers for CrossFit, which is a high-end sports equipment that combines excellent functionality, unique design, high-quality steel and reliability of every detail. This series contains such high-performance products as power and cardio machines, modern stations and loops, as well as a functional CrossFit container.

You should have a look at this equipment for its unique features. This is a whole sports system that combines a number of separate exercisers in one place. With a CrossFit container, you can easily conduct training anywhere and even to hold a proper competition on it. Moreover, you can organize a breathtaking performance, which will involve different exercisers.

Our CrossFit container is a sports complex that includes popular equipment of different directions. With its help, any athlete, regardless of the level of fitness, can conduct a multifunctional and comprehensive training.

Explode Crossfit Container

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