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Plobox with adjustable height ProForm PFIBOX13

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Purpose of usehome
Type of exercisesjumping out
Step is the basic equipment for practicing step aerobics. On the step-platform it is necessary to rise and fall in the rhythm of the music, in combination with the usual dance movements. Lifting and descent from the platform in intensity is equated to run at a speed of 12 km per hour. The basis of step aerobics is mainly choreography of basic aerobics, which does not exclude, however, the inclusion of various dance styles of aerobics, power aerobics, etc. Movements in step-aerobics are fairly simple, so they are suitable for people of different ages and levels of physical fitness. They perfectly improve the shape, especially the shape of the shins, thighs and buttocks.
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Plobox with adjustable height ProForm PFIBOX13
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