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It is difficult to imagine a gym without dumbbells. This is the most popular and common equipment that is used to build muscle mass, to improve endurance and strength.

There is a wide range of dumbbells introduced in the market of sports equipment. Inter Atletika catalogue will help you not to get lost and make the right decision. In one section we collected classical dumbbells, collapsible and integral models, as well as equipment made in a modern design. This will allow you to choose the equipment not only to meet the criteria such as quality, reliability, ergonomics but also equipment that will complement the original design of the gym.

Better performance, advanced materials, advanced engineering and design solutions - all this you will find in this section of the site.

Fitness Trading company offers dumbbells for fitness exercises, physical training exercises. Also, there are professional dumbbells of our own production, Inter Atletika, which can be used both in the gym and at home. Exercises with dumbbells are an integral part of the training process, thus you need to think thoroughly and responsibly when choosing the barbells.

Regular exercises with dumbbells have a positive effect on the human body, improving the performance of all systems, Dumbbells are excellent power equipment that can help you to train your body in a very short period of time. One of the goals for working out with dumbbells may be harmonious development of all muscles of the human body, normalization of weight, health promotion.

Dumbbells should be made of quality materials, an important indicator is the accuracy of the disks and their composition. Our dumbbells are made of solid metal, which allows them to keep their characteristics during operation.

A great advantage to consider when choosing dumbbells are the coating that increases the durability provides a great look and eases the use of dumbbells during workouts.

Our dumbbells have the following benefits: increased durability, a presentable appearance, and the colourful dumbbells can lighten up your gym look.

What you need to know about dumbbells

Dumbbells - one of the most popular and effective sports equipment. They will help you develop strength and endurance of different muscle groups, as well as strengthen joints and ligaments. The benefits of dumbbells are indisputable and confirmed by practice. In the Roman mosaics and the Greek ones, we can see the images of ancient athletes with this sports equipment in their hands. Our dads trained with dumbbells, and be sure - our children and their children will become stronger with them.

In our time, dumbbells are something, we can not imagine any gym without. In addition, dumbbells are so compact that many people have them at home. After all, this equipment does not take much space, but the health benefits from it are enormous.

We all know how dumbbells look like: in the middle, there is a thin handle, and on the sides, there are two massive elements in which the main weight is concentrated. However, even such a simple equipment can be introduced in various types and complete sets. Dumbbells can be solid and collapsible.

The weight of solid dumbbells is fixed and can not be changed. The sides of this dumbbell most often are of a round shape or of a quadrangular, hexagonal prisms. In gyms, there is a number of shelves with such dumbbells of different weight. The main drawback of such dumbbells is that you will need a large set of different weight and size equipment for effective training. It will not be cheap, besides, such set will take a lot of space.

For working out at home, collapsible dumbbells are more suitable.
The lateral parts are adjustable and basically are weight disks. Removing a couple of disks we make the weight smaller, removing some, we increase the weight.

This will allow you to vary the load depending on your physical condition. In addition, collapsible dumbbells can simultaneously be used by several people with an absolutely different level of muscle training.

Dumbbells are used in many exercises. They are simply irreplaceable for the working out of the hands, shoulder girdle, back and chest. In addition, they can act as an additional weight for squats and abs exercises. Dumbbells of big weight are used to grow muscles and are relatively easy to use for fitness. However, light dumbbells are in favour of fighters - they do a good job improving punching.

The material the dumbbells are made of is very important. In fact, the barbell is made not only of steel. The disk of a barbell also may contain gravel or special sand. Such equipment is cheaper, but its service life will be shorter as well.

Before you buy dumbbells you need to learn the prices and models. Working with the right dumbbells will be not only useful but also enjoyable. At the same time, training with low-quality dumbbells can quickly reduce your desire for sport. It is also important to understand that you should invest in dumbbells.

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