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InterAtletikGym TB130-105 Rehabilitation Weight Exercise Machine

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Production time (days): 45
Product code: 032950
Vendor code: TB130-105
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Purpose of usecommercial
Groups of musclesuniversal
Weight, kg105
Protection of the cargo block-
Paintingpowder enamel (electrostatic spraying)
Weight of the exercise machine, kg157
Type of exercisesuniversal
Dimensions LxWxH, mm740x1292x2220

* Handles, bars, weight plates, dumbbells are not included

InterAtletikGym TB130-105 Rehabilitation Weight Exercise Machine

This professional model of a single rehabilitation exercise machine is an excellent tool for practicing kinesthesia, thus it is essential in every rehabilitation center. It features a high degree of reliability and a more attentive approach to every detail during manufacture process.

For example, unlike the model for home use, which has a lightweight structure and requires fixation to the floor, this cable cross over machine has a larger weight and a larger bearing area. It does not need additional attachments, it is more stable and, accordingly, much more reliable than the home model.

This is an ideal option for various centers with large cross-country capacity, where the quality of materials and assemblies is important, as well as the reliability of each part.

Improved version of everyone's favorite exercise machine

Due to cooperation with Dr. Bubnovsky's Rehabilitation Center, we managed to create the equipment for a wide audience, so that anyone who needs kinesthetic training can remain in motion and improve themselves.

The sports gear allows you to systematically work out all the muscles of the body in different aspects. Thanks to its multifunctionality, you will be able to compose a diverse training complex both in the power and in the functional mode.

The thoughtful mechanics and the flawless design provide efficiency and safety of work.

Each cargo unit works smoothly, which makes it possible to effectively stretch the muscles of the back and work out both large and small muscle groups. Double block frame allows to use different modes of work of the load block - top and bottom position. So you can diversify training complexes, and additional handles will expand the range of movements and your capabilities.

Convenient and compact design allows you to work out the muscles qualitatively both in basic and in isolation exercises, using weights or working with your own weight. The cross over cable machine can be used as a support, for example with a balancing pillow or a bodybar, and also with small aerobic equipment - expanders, which are attached to the frame.

The weight is regulated by a pin, which allows you to "switch" the weights quickly and easily. The various elements will help you set up the equipment for your training complex.

  • Complete set: cargo block (105 kg.), rope and carbine.
  • Fastening to the wall or floor is not necessary.
  • Handles are not included in the price.
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InterAtletikGym TB130-105 Rehabilitation Weight Exercise Machine
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