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Simulator Tire Flip 180

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ManufacturerAb Coaster
Dimensions LxWxH, mm1220 х 1220
Weight, kg133

The Tire Flip 180 simulator is a unique simulation simulator of a tire for turning over. The manufacturer is The Abs Company (USA), known for its Ab Coaster and Ab Solo press machines.

Tire Flip 180 is an innovative product that provides all the benefits of training with overturning tires and even more:

  • Occupies a minimum of space and can be placed even in a small room. It does not require much space for canting, unlike a conventional tire.
  • Thanks to the ability to change / add weight using discs, it is suitable for athletes with different levels of training and replaces several tires of different weights at the same time, which in turn again helps to save space and is suitable even for small rooms.
  • The starting load on the simulator is 45 kg (the weight of the wheel itself), the maximum additional load is 36 kg.
  • Security - securely fixed in place, which guarantees protection against accidental damage to property around.
  • It has 6 anchors for fixing combat ropes.
  • Tire Flip 180 is ideal for functional and Cross-fit workouts.

The advantages that the buyer receives Tire Flip 180:

Qualitatively diversifies the set of exercises in your gym, adding to it one of the most popular and effective - turning (tilting) tires.

An original novelty that will exactly interest the visitors of your gym and increase their loyalty. It will help attract new customers by its originality, novelty and uniqueness (members of your club will not find it similar in other halls) with the help of "word of mouth" or advertising.

You can use two people or teams for training or competition (2 people / teams get from different sides and turn the tire over each other).

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Simulator Tire Flip 180
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