Fitex MDJR024-G Skipping Rope, green

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Handle Materialplastic
Dimensions, cm275

Fitex MDJR024-G Skipping Rope, green

A skipping rope is a simple sports equipment, which is widely used in the training of athletes of various sport directions. The skipping rope allows to develop speed, balance, coordination, endurance, provides an excellent level of cardio load, trains the respiratory system, activates the metabolism. That is why the rope in the gym is an essential element, which no athlete should neglect.

The Fitex skipping rope is an excellent option for professional use in a gym. It consists of handles and a rope with a braid length of 2750 mm. The rope handles are lightweight, the connection between the rope and the handles is designed in such a way as to minimize friction and ensure a high speed of rotation. The rope has increased strength, withstands intensive use in the gym conditions.

The rope is used both in individual training and in functional training programs. Training with a skipping rope allows you to replace a full run, they are used as an element of warming up the athlete.

Due to its features, namely light handles and a flexible junction of handles and a rope, the Fitex skipping rope allows to develop high speed of jumps, to make double jumps.

The Fitex rope - is an equipment that will be very useful in a gym, it is used in training, warm-ups of almost all sports training programs.

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Fitex MDJR024-G Skipping Rope, green
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