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Handle Materialplastic
Dimensions, cm300
Skipping rope & ndash; This is a universal sports projectile, which is used in the training of many athletes. Professional boxers, athletes are engaged with a rope to develop speed, endurance, coordination. Precisely because the rope allows to improve the functional parameters of the body, it has found wide application in cross-functional and functional training programs.

In addition, classes with a rope allow you to intensively lose weight, develop circulatory and respiratory systems. And because in the hall rope popular even those visitors who do not consider themselves professionals.

We suggest you consider the rope Fitex, as one of the shells, which should replenish the arsenal of professional equipment of your room.

Special sleeves and thoughtful cord and handle joint ensure high rotation speed & ndash; Up to 5-6 per second. Such characteristics will be appreciated by professionals, as it makes it possible to perform double-triple jumps, to develop high speed. Bearings provide excellent rotation of the cord, which reduces the burden on the forearms, saving the efforts of the athlete.

Handles are ergonomic, comfortable in the palm of your hand, perfectly felt, providing excellent control over the projectile. Pens & ndash; The main element that influences the speed characteristics of the rope, because Fitex made them hollow, facilitating the design. This allows you to make more rotations without pauses.

The rope Fitex for any fitness room will be in demand and necessary purchase. With her help, you can conduct warm-ups, warm up before loads, train the body. It definitely will not be ignored by your visitors. & Nbsp;
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High-speed rope Reebok RSRP-10082 in the package
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