Color range

Colour defines the whole design concept of the project. The importance of the whole idea for the fitness club speaks for itself. Equipping the sports and recreation complex, it is difficult to keep the same concept for everything, as the equipment manufacturers do not always offer a wide range of colour options.

The Inter Atletika decided to help you to modify the gym as much as you can. We offer you a wide range of equipment that not only responds to the latest trends in fitness but also successfully integrates into any design concept.

The designers of the InterAtletika exercise machines paid an attention to the colour of the equipment as well. Thus, each series has a wide range of colour solutions for frames, upholstery, weight stack systems. Purchasing InterAtletika products you can easily keep the interior of your sports complex in the chosen style, emphasise its individuality, beat the colours of the corporate symbolism. In addition, an extensive variation range of colour performance allows organically to fit the equipment into an existing interior.

Seat and upholstery colors


Black 017-019-03

Dark Grey

Dark Grey B17-092-08

Light Grey

Light Grey 017-019-05


Ivory 017-019-06


Bordeaux 017-019-10


Red 017-019-09


Yellow 017-019-08


Brown 017-019-07


Green 017-019-14

Dark Green

Dark Green 017-019-13


Blue 017-019-04

Light blue

Light blue 017-019-11

Dark blue

Dark blue 017-019-12


Olive 017-019-16ЕП

Frame colors

RAL9003 - White

RAL9003 - White

Metallic-pearl, semimat

Metallic-pearl, semimat

RAL7003 - Olive, texture

RAL7003 - Olive, texture

RAL7016 - Dark Grey

RAL7016 - Dark Grey

RAL7016 - Dark Grey, texture

RAL7016 - Dark Grey, texture

RAL1018 - Yellow

RAL1018 - Yellow

RAL2004 - Orange, shagreen

RAL2004 - Orange, shagreen

Black, texture

RAL 9005 - Black, texture

Bright Green

RAL 6018 - Bright Green

Light Blue

RAL 5015 - Light Blue

Light Grey

RAL 7001 - Light Grey