Multi-station is a reasonable choice for improving health and maintaining an attractive sports form


Sports style of life is held by people who take care of their health and seek to have an excellent appearance. For a modern society, sport is not always related to street running or sports grounds, because in urban conditions this usually turns out to be unattainable. It is for those who value time, but want to always stay in shape, multi-stations have been developed.

The power station for a long time is very popular among athletes. As it can not only increase your stamina, but also strengthen your health, harmoniously form the relief of your body.


In most cases, the standardized design ensures the performance of the main exercises: flexion-extension of legs, "butterfly" or bench press, upper traction. The multi-station can be in different versions, but in any case it is necessary to take into account the individual needs of the athlete. For using in the apartment most often purchase models with built-in weights, because they are smaller in size and with their help you can put in practice all loads with the barbell. Also, they do not have so many moving components, and the frame is stronger, due to this they have a longer service life.

Even with a limited area, a multi-station can use all the necessary equipment for intensive training. With systematic training, the body will become healthy, tightened, attractive, strength and endurance will increase. In addition, the multi-station not only enhances physical performance, but also helps maintain the body in a tonus for a long time.

Selection options

A distinctive feature is the possibility of simultaneous working out of several muscle groups. This is possible due to the presence of a significant number of modules.


The number of tasks performed and additional accessories affect the cost of production.


A large fame among consumers was deserved by the multi-stations of brands of Freemotion, InterAtletika, Pulse, SportsArt. These companies produce the wide line of reliable, safe and quality trainers not only for professional application but also for a house.

Kind of loads

The stations can be either with free weights or with built-in ones:
  • The first as a load use dumbbells, barbells, disks. They will start indispensable for exercises of high level.
  • The second - ideal for home use, especially for beginners. As a load, blocks and a cable system are used.

Maximum User Weight

Equipment for home have restrictions: from 100 to 150 kg. When choosing the right model, pay attention to the greatest weight - it should be 20-30 kg more than the weight of the person who is training.


To perform various tasks, simulators can be completed:
  • grip
  • weight stack with weights and retainer
  • adjustable seat
  • press levers
  • ropes for propulsion
  • the device for flexion-extension of legs.


Comfortable regulation guarantees the effectiveness of the training, since it helps to maximize the training apparatus for the user's requests.


Many manufacturers design equipment with the possibility of folding. This allows you to store equipment in a compact form, while saving space.

Bottom line: how to select a multi-station

And so, first of all, decide for what it is needed:

  • in order to tighten and adjust the figure, it is worth paying attention to the multi-station with a set of basic tasks.
  • for more thorough training, multifunctional models are suitable, in which the greatest number of exercises is provided (up to 50-60).

Based on the set of functions, two types of stations are distinguished:

  • professional - a full-fledged gym with a reliable design, are distinguished by their durability and are most often designed for simultaneous training of several people;
  • fitness level - ensure the development of the basic muscles, will be the best option for home, health centers, sanatoriums.

The site presents a variety of multi-stations. We always will help you with the choice and provide full information about the object of your interest.

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