NRGLine sports equipment

One of the main events of 2007 for Inter Athletika corporate group was the release of a completely new series of professional power exercisers - NRG is marketed as premium class equipment for fitness clubs.

The series was first presented at the FIBO 2007 international exhibition in Germany. The NRG equipment was created on the basis of many years experience in the exercisers industry and absorbed all the best ideas and developments, as well as the most promising engineering solutions. The completely new series of power exercisers impresses with the high quality of the materials used, the unsurpassed elegance of shapes and the highest level safety.

The complex includes 3 series:

  • 100 series - plate-loaded machines
  • 200 series - 11 press benches
  • 300 series - 3 stands for discs and dumbbells

The NRG training complex is made of an elliptical pipe section 120х60 mm, covered with powder polymer paint. The anatomic moulded seats and backs of polyurethane foam are covered with high-quality faux leather. The original design and technology for the manufacturing upholstery ensure their comfort, reliability and durability.

All NRG cargo exercise machines are equipped with double protection of the cargo stack, on which there are information plates located, indicating the starting and finishing positions of the person during the exercise and the name of the muscle group involved in the exercise. In addition, the exercise machine is equipped with a magnetic stopping mechanism. It is of an outstanding colour and is attached on a soft cable. Also, there are decorative plastic caps. To facilitate the seat adjustment, a pneumatic spring is used.

The workout machines are also equipped with plastic handles, footsteps and supporting shoes, which don't damage the flooring of the gym. Riffled footboards, securely fix sports shoes. The rollers and handles make it easy and convenient to move the equipment within the gym. It should be noted that the NRG equipment meets all modern requirements and trends in the market. Installing the NRG equipment in your fitness centre You will significantly improve the status of your gym, thus attracting more and more new customers.

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